CG’s Gifted Artists

Congratulations to the artists who were selected for the 2008 Common Ground Gifted Artist Collection. They are listed alphabetically, with a link to the Common Ground collection. We have also provided a website link where other works of theirs can be seen. Click here to see the other Common Ground Galleries. Please join our Facebook community so we can let you know when our special Chinese Artist Collection is announced.   Huang Jun_Red
Artist Country Title Artist Website
Alexandru Preiss United States Mother Earth Sick and Tired of You People
Andre Bacalhau Australia Masks of Life  
Aviv Orly Israel Loneliness
Brad Grigor Canada Wings
Brett Nickell United States Enigma Oblongata  
Caterina Davinio Italy Nature Obscure 5
Chiara Boeri Italy Remember
Day Seriani United States The Guardian
Frances Valesco United States Common Ground 2  
Iv Toshain Austria Camouflage Predator Species – ribs cage
Jennifer Spoon United States Winter Landscape
Jerzy Pietruczuk Poland Our Sun
John Eugene Avila Phillipines untitled
Karen Swaty United States Mother Earth  
Llanos Ortiz-Montero India No Kidding  
Mark Hyder United Kingdom Inward  
Max Eternity United States Sacred Heart #4
Michael A. Duhaime United States Fusion*
Peter Boyahjieff Canada Ec(h)o
Qian Li United States Y#6-1  
Radek Doupovec Norway Noli me tangere
Richard Del Rosso United States untitled
Roberto Brandwayn Colombia Dreams of Water Over Dry Dreams
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti Thailand
Scott Alden Piers United States JS8
Scott Donohue United Kingdom Flowers of Evil
Sybil Fleming Canada Circles  
Thomai Kontou Greece Gods are crying in Olympia
Tom Chambers China Buddha Earth
Tom Coffin United States Field 07
Turtle Heart United States Pleides
Urosh Veljkovic Macedonia The Rise Of Man
Zoran S. Kos Switzerland Old Sin New Hope New Sin www.antonmeier/artsts_kos.html