CG’s International Touring Artists

Congratulations to the artists were selected for the 2008 Common Ground International Touring Collection. They are listed alphabetically, with a link to the Common Ground International Touring Artists collection. We have also provided a website link where other works of theirs can be seen. Please follow us so we can let you know when our special Chinese Artist Collection is announced in advance of our 2008 launch event in Beijing.

Artist   Country   Title   Artist Website
Abigail Doan   United States   Foglia03a
Aditi Avinash Kulkarni   India   It’s Flooded But Empty!    
Alexander Sutulov   Chile   20070612_as2
Anna Ursyn   United States   Clean Water Act  
Anna Zannella   Italy   Urban Semantics, 1000 Summers – Wheat fields after harvest. Piemonte, Italy. 2007  
Asztalos Krisztina   Hungary   Earth 2008
Batya F. Kuncman   United States   Silent Winter  
Bert Monterona   Philippines   Patching the Earth
Bojan Toporis   Slovenia   Do the Twist
Ching Liang, Lee   Taiwan (R.O.C.)   untitled  
David Bickley   Ireland   Dark Moon Still
David Carron   United States   Fight Polution
Dennis Summers   United States   The Crying Post Project: Selected Extracts (Special Edition)
Donna Callighan   United States   Up
Eva Hodges   United Kingdom   Sky Boxes
Fran Forman   United States   Hovering Child
Heather D. Freeman   United States   Re-volution Slide
Ima Pico   United Kingdom   Think!
Israel V. Tan   Phillipines   Reverse Creation  
Karolina Demirovic   Croatia   A Life-005  
Leung Wing Man   China   Desertification-Bleeding Heart of Mr.Earth  
Lindsay Malek   United States   In Dreams  
Lorraine Berry   United Kingdom   Metaphorically Speaking
Mamta Baruah Herland   Norway   Thirst
Man Chi Wah   Hong Kong   untitled  
Mandeep Singh Manu   India   The Flight
Mannig Gurekian   United States   It’s Our Choice
Margeaux Walter   United States   Record
Naikos   Greece   Extinguish Spiece
Patricia Casey   Australia   Sea of Fertility
Petra Stefankova   Slovakia   The Fish Market
Reza Abedini   Iran   A Letter From My Mother Earth
Roscoe Wilson   United States   Forest Billboards: Billboard Landscape
Rui Filipe Antunes   Portugal   xTNZ    
Sonia Gil   Brazil   Building Together
Susan Chapman   United States   Testing the Persistence of Green
Ursula Freer   United States   Plankton
Youssef Basha   Egypt   Fire Angel Orange